We have all experienced periods of stress, sadness, lack of sleep, grief and conflict, unhappiness and times when we are feeling off. It can be hard to know when the right time is, to see a professional about the problem.  

So, when is it advisable to seek professional therapeutic help?

Here are some of the situations when it is recommended to sign up for psychotherapy:

·         If you feel overwhelmed or limited in your ability to function (worry about things a lot).

·         If everything you feel is intense.

·         If the things that happened in the past keep waking you up during the night or you cannot stop thinking about them.

·         If you feel emotional distress, things such as: uncontrollable crying, chronically upset stomach or headaches, diminished sex drive, etc.

·         If you’re personal problems start to affect   your work performance.

·         If you notice unusual changes in your appetite, medically unexplained overeating or undereating.

·         If you feel that you are losing control over your life.

·         If you find yourself drinking or using drugs in greater quantities or just thinking about using more often, these could be signs that you’re           hoping to numb feelings that should be addressed.

·         If you don’t feel motivated or interested in all the things you liked to do before, are not finding joy in anything anymore, feeling like there’s         not a lot of purpose or a point in life.

·         If you feel disconnected from your family or the people you care about.

·         If you’re important relationships are strained or non-functioning.

·         If you’re family members and friends start showing concern about you.

·          If you are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.